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Beginning Band and Strings Ensembles

Beginning Strings

Our beginning ensembles are where all the fun starts!  We generally start first-timers at about 8 years of age depending on maturity (parents know best!).  We like to put a real, full-sized wind instrument or appropriately sized stringed instrument in the hands of a new student.  So, the learner has to have some hand-eye dexterity, some physical ability, be able to read, and be able to take action on verbal instructions.  We also invite parents to grab an instrument and learn alongside their children – it’s a lot of fun!  Student musicians with a year or two of training from another program or with some private instructional experience will often jump in here...   More...

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In choir, our voices are the instruments!  Prior experience is not required to become a member of the chorale.  We start each rehearsal with stretches, deep breathing, and vocal exercises.  In class, we’ll learn about famous chorale works and their composers.  We’ll practice solfege (do, re, mi) and learn to pronounce vowels the musical way.  We’ll learn some music theory, music appreciation, and even how music can heal and enrich our lives.  Our highly qualified directors teach choir through ear training, interval repetition, and by note reading.  We’ll sing in unison, in parts, accompanied, and acapella through a variety of classic and contemporary compositions.  We’ll also talk about proper care and feeding of those precious vocal-chords!  Click the link below to learn more about how singing makes us smarter...


String Orchestra

String Orchestra

A string orchestra is made up of a section of violins, a second section of violins, violas, cellos, and the mighty basses.  All of these instruments come in different sizes.  Our instructors can help size match when needed.  From time to time, we’ll augment the strings with a piano accompaniment, an aerophone feature, or even a kit drum.  Student experience in the string orchestra varies between new, second-year musicians to those on their tenth year of playing.  We’ll play and perform a wide variety of pieces from baroque and classical standards to contemporary movie scores.  We focus the selections towards conservatory repertoire that the advancing student may see later at college as well as pieces that are really fun and interesting to play!

Triptych of Excellence

Concert Band

Concert Band


Windband Secrets!

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About Us

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Some of our students join us through one of the area partnerships, such as the Lyceum, and may have a video component required by their teachers of record at the local school districts in addition to attendance at our class rehearsals.  No worries!  The videos are short and the requirements simple.  Partnership students are most welcome at NHME – we’re glad you’re here!


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With music as our only course of study, NHME comes alongside to augment and enhance the homeschooling efforts of our member families. We also offer other musical opportunities for our students such as summer workshops, area ensemble visits, and concert performances!