Policies & Procedures

Program Summary:
The 2020-2021 fiscal year and start of our 21th season / fall term will begin on Tuesday, September 8th, in Tecumseh, and Wednesday, September 9th, in Ann Arbor.
On Tuesdays, we meet at the Donald S. Dobrosky Sr. & Katherine O. Johnson Community Resource Center in Tecumseh (former Grange) at 909 Burt Street. On Wednesdays, we meet at the Pittsfield Union Grange Hall in Ann Arbor at 3337 Ann Arbor – Saline Road. 
Please reference the current class schedules and event dates posted.  Change and update notifications will be made by in-class announcements and by group email messages.
Private lessons are not a requirement to participate in NHME programs.  Keeping a rehearsal / practice log is not required.  Students are not assigned nor required to perform with any particular or specific instrument types.  Student enrollment is available to any type or classification of student that is able to attend rehearsal at scheduled times.   NHME reserves the right to place new students in its ensembles based on performance skills presented at their first rehearsal.
Please arrive early to class.  Please also keep us informed of any planned absences.  Participants in NHME activities are expected to act with respect towards others, dress appropriately, and to abstain from illegal, inappropriate, or disruptive behavior.  As a private organization, NHME reserves the right to dismiss participants / students at our discretion for noncompliance.  Membership in the organization can be terminated at any time by decision of the board and without cause.
In the event of unsafe, inclement weather (snow / ice), NHME may cancel classes.  Notification will be made by group email message, Facebook postings, and/or Twitter tweets (if available).  In addition, we follow the Tecumseh and Ann Arbor public schools' closings and delays for weather.  Classes or rehearsals cancelled for unsafe, inclement weather may or may not be rescheduled and participation fees may or may not be pro-rated or refunded.
Tuition and Fees Summary:
Tuition is $45 per class each month for student learners and $15 per class each month for adult learners.  When available, NHME's instruments may be rented for $15 each month.  Tuition is due at the beginning of each month or payable by lump sum at the beginning of the semester or term.  When available, payments can be made securely online via credt card or PayPal.    If paying by personal check, please make the check out to: National Homeschool Music Ensembles or NHME.
If using personal checks, please send correspondence to:
NHME c/o D. Rennie
11210 Stewart Road
Dundee, MI  48131
Additional costs or fees may be required for special events such as clinics, joint rehearsals, workshops, or summer-intensive camps.  Notification for these optional expenses will be made by in-class announcements and group email messaging.
Information Privacy:
NHME only collects personal information for use in administering its programs such as attendance recording, group communication, and financial bookkeeping.
Medical and Other Emergencies:
In the event of injury, casualty, or medical emergencies, all reasonable or necessary efforts will be made by responders to secure the safety and well being of students which may include administering first aid / CPR, notifying local law enforcement, and/or requesting fire / ambulance services.  NHME will contact parents / guardians and others as listed and by means as described in the enrollment-registration form.

Legal Understanding and Release:

By participating in NHME’s activities, the student / person / parent / guardian acknowledges that engaging in NHME’s activities involves certain risks and that injury or illness could occur irrespective of any precautions taken by the organization.  This release covers any and all events and occurrences associated with NHME’s activities, including mine and / or my student's participation and observation.  By participating, I / we understand that NHME cannot control all risks and may need to respond to accidents, illnesses, and potential emergencies that involve the participant.  Participating in NHME’s activities grants my consent to the provision of emergency medical treatment to the extent necessary in the opinion of the first responder or medical professional providing the treatment to include transportation to a hospital or emergency care center.  By participating, I / we agree to assume the risk that unexpected events may occur and may result from the actions, omissions, or negligence of yourself and / or others resulting in harm, illness, or injury to a student or person while engaged in or observing NHME’s activities.  Students / persons / parents / guardians / participants agree to indemnify, acquit, release, discharge, and waive liability against NHME, its officers and agents, of and from any and all liability, for any illness, injury, harm, damage, or claims of any kind and nature whatsoever, at law or in equity, and the consequences thereof, which may accrue, in any way arising out of, related to, associated, or in connection with participation or observation of NHME’s activities.  Participation is voluntary.