Learning Resources

As a service to our students, we provide the following resources compliments of the Hal Leonard Corporation and others  This content is copyrighted by the owners and may not be downloaded or redistributed without permission.  NHME musicians utilizing these aids are in possession of a printed "Essential Elements" series method-book specific to their instrument.  Images courtesy of Kessler & Sons Music.

A Concise History of Music   Structure of an American March   Music Theory Quickguide!

Essential Elements Interactive   SmartMusic Online   Tomplay Interactive



Double Bass


Video 1   Video 2   Video 3   Video 4   Video 5   Video 6   Video 7   Scale Sheet   Here are some helpful pictures of the flute embouchure, and click here for additional, informative videos from our friends at the Blocki Flute Method.  Click here for a real nice, flute-finger chart courtesy of Yamaha musical instruments. 

Learning Flute with Theresa!

Starting Clarinet with Emily!

How to buzz on brass with Gregory!

Trumpet and Cornet

Video 1   Video 2   Video 3   Video 4   Video 5   Video 6

A Balsom   Scale Sheet  Click here for an awesome set of finger charts!


Video 1   Video 2   Video 3   Video 4   Video 5   Video 6   Video 7   Video 8   Vienna   Scale Sheet  Click here for the best finger chart available!


Baritone and Euphonium


Video 1   Video 2   Video 3

Check out Vic Firth's Percussion-101 page too for more great videos!
Here's a mallet instrument transposing guide; and here's a mallet scale poster!  Here's a picture reference to the ranges of the individual Timpani drums.