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Which Instrument should we learn?  
Where do we get one?  Buy it or rent it?  Here's our thoughts on one of our favorite topics.


Watch Out

Cello Lessons
Beware of shoddy instruments!  Be on the look out for this stuff.


On Purchasing

Saxophone Lessons
All kinds of thoughts and advice regarding a purchase of a new or old instrument.  We'll add to this topic from time to time.

One FAQ:

We often get asked what kind of gear new musicians will need to get started on the first day of class.  It does not have to be a lot of stuff, but there are some best practice minimums:
  • an instrument in good working order and its case, (for a percussionist that’s sticks and a practice pad)
  • if it’s a woodwind: cork grease, extra reeds, and a swab, (saxophones and bassoons need a neck strap)
  • if it’s brass: valve or slide oil, tuning slide grease,
  • if strings: don’t forget the bow and rosin, an extra string set is handy,
  • the music: the Essential Elements method book (provided and handed out at rehearsal),
  • a portable / foldable sheet music stand to use at home when practicing,
  • a folder for holding sheet music, and lastly
  • a stand to hold the instrument securely when it has to be left unattended (bathroom breaks).

On Practicing

NHME on Parade

How often should I practice?  When should I practice?  How long should I practice?  What should I practice?  Find out what we recommend!


Ingredients for a Great Wind Ensemble

Symphonic Winds Ensembles

What does it take to be an awesome wind band? Click below to find out!


Unheard of Saxophones

Explore a world of weird and unusual saxophones!

Three Key Elements

Trumpet Lessons
What does it take to be a good ensemble player? Click below to find out!


The Circle of Fifths

Circle of 5ths

Want to know more about this mysterious fusion between plane geometry and music theory?



Ever get confused by some of the strange terminology we use in class? Here is a nice visual representation and explanation of what we’re talking about!

Twenty Good Reasons to Major in Music at College

Trombone Lessons

Is studying music at the college or university a good idea? What does a person do with a degree in music?


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Meet the Instruments!

Starting Beginning Band, but don't know what instrument to play?  Come meet the instruments courtesy of the US Army Band!

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